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2. Would be nice to see a no './stuck' rule that disqualifies the teams from the event. We played ACE today and in their composition i saw proudlock hogging the ./stuck command like it was oxygen. . I thought common sense between ranked warzone teams implied we will not be using that ...

OP - Great idea. It will be nice to face fixed teams playing under one guild tag.

Ref the quote above: I can't not confirm if what you are saying is true or false; however, ACE do NOT use the /stuck. This subject came up during a guild meeting months ago (when it was common) and we all agreed it was not in the sprit of the game or winning, so we don't use it.

Proudlock is not in ACE and was helping out as an OP healer. IF, he did use this command then please take this issue up with him. ACE will ensure we make it clear to anyone standing in on the team we do not use this command.

Looking forward to the 1st March


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