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I started a second Jedi, a Sith Pureblood, that I was playing as neutral. I only got through Coruscant, but I rerolled my consular like 3 times recently and realized I'm too tired of leveling through the same planets and same story so many times and didn't get far. That said, I found that for the most part I was able to play a convincing Gray Jedi.

Super duper good guy would be my current consular. I've only made a few dark side choices, mostly light side, and I feel so goody two shoes it ain't even funny. However yes, you can tone that down by exercising some more pragmatism and taking a grimmer outlook on what's better for the Republic instead of "what would make me feel good about myself".

On my Pureblood consular, I would head over to and check out the affection gains on mission conversations for Qyzen. For the most part that'll keep you light side, but like Qyzen, my pureblood valued honor, and not so much "good". She disliked weakness, and preferred to encourage others to find their own strength, only helping when it was for the good of the Republic. After all, you're on a mission for the Jedi Council already, no time to run menial errands for lazy people, right?

But I'm getting carried away. You can play a convincing Consular. Mine right now is pretty goody two shoes, but she's believable, and even she loses her cool and gets mad sometimes. Take dialogue choices that feel -right- for the character, and not simply because they feel "light side", because this game's notion of Light Side has gone from "don't let your emotions control you" to "risk blowing the whole mission because your bleeding heart would shrivel up and die if you left even one civilian behind because you don't have time to save them AND save the Republic military right now, because YOUR EMOTIONS CONTROL YOU."

My sage makes prolific use of force persuade. I use it whenever I have the chance. She's also killed two people (got dark side points but oh well) because leaving them alive was too dangerous. She gets short-tempered when somebody is jerking her around and wasting her time. She doesn't like to get sidetracked into stuff that somebody can't do for themselves, she's a busy person, it better be important. But she's still good, she's still kind, she's pushing Light IV at level 37.