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01.29.2013 , 12:12 AM | #44
My primary damage is 1111-1313 and that's because I wear PvP gear. My gear is better than rakata gear. If you honestly think columi is better, you're clearly unsuccessful at fp's and maybe PvP.

Funniest thing happened to me, I didn't want to put my PvE gear on for lost island, and there was a rakata assassin throwing a tizi because I didn't want to wear my PvE gear. So I suggested we get in mox for every boss fight and he told me he'd beat me every time. The first fight I did 278k and he was far below. He was blaming the circle choosing/placement on his dps. The second fight I did 15k more and he blamed procs for me winning. The last boss o did 345k and he did 275k. He quit the group and put us on ignore. After telling me luck was on my side. Gear is important I understand, but look at the player before you complain about him wearing WH gear.