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Mace Windu kills Darth Sidious..

1. Anakin pleads with Mace Windu to save Padme.
2. Mace Windu and the rest of the Jedi are unable to help Padme and she dies.
3. A very unsympathetic Jedi Council tell Anakin that Padme's death is the will of the Force.
4. Anakin falls to the darkside seeing how the Jedi are not concerned with his situation.
5. The Jedi Council sensing Anakin's fall to the darkside, limit his involvement in the Jedi Order.
6. Anakin seeing how he is being held back takes matters into his own hands and flees the Jedi Order.
7. Anakin goes into hiding and trains in the darkside.
8. Anakin assumes the mantle of Dark Lord.
9. Anakin returns to the Jedi Temple to get his revenge.
10. Prophecy of the One is fulfilled. Anakin wipes out the Jedi and probably dies in the process returning balance.

No matter which way it goes down, Anakin will fulfill his destiny and wipe out the Jedi and the Sith.
Well considering if you look at the Force Vision, Padme's death was kind of caused by Anakin's fall to the darkside, if Anakin hadn't had turned there is a good chance Padme would be alive.

Furthermore, even if she didn't survive the fact that Anakin would have been there for the birth of Luke and Leia would mean that while he would have 2 new bright spots in his life, his two children. Additionally, the idea that the Jedi wouldn't show sympathy for Anakin if Padme died giving birth is unlikely:
1. There was a Jedi Council member that was married aside from Anakin, he would understand Anakin's feelings.
2. None of the Council knew Anakin was married, if Padme died and then it came out he isn't likely to be exiled.
3. It was entirely possible Anakin was seeing Padme in pain from while she is giving birth and misinterpretted what he saw.

In any event, if Anakin had let Windu kill Palpatine, then if Mace got blown out the window, it is possible he would have survived or held himself in the air long enough for Anakin to pull him back in.