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I think Snipers are one of the only Balanced classes, there's just several classes that need to be buffed, if we keep nerfing classes, eventually we're all going to be doing a 10th of the damage/healing etc.

Fair enough, snipers should be doing more damage than the lieks of Merc/Sorc/Operative since it's a pure DPS class. What I don't understand is.. why give a class a healing tree and 2 DPS trees if the only thing they can do effectively is heal, just give them 3 heal trees or atleast something they are actually capable of pulling off.

EDIT: yes I don't mind being all that squishy as a sorc, but in return i'd atleast expect some hard hitters or something that counters the fact that I'm nearly useless. Either DPS tree, if a sorc gets interrupted their damage is practically kaput. There's no other class where your main damage comes from spamming the same ability over and over and over and over and over and over (you get the point) again.

Fingers crossed for a buff with expansion.
even the lowly merc/commando class can crit and get bigger single target numbers though if left to free cast
grav round/traver spammed at 3k each and the finisher ability ii forget them name crits for 5k

we really have the most pathetic single target dmg