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I suppose even the worst pvpers in the game get an opinion. It only means it's equally as bad as they are though. Any time you want to see what a merc can actually do in any of the three specs let me know. I'll put on recruit gear and unplug my keyboard to level the playing field.
Funny, I think your comment along with all the others directed at me are purely down to the fact you simply dislike me, nothing more, nothing less, and quite frankly your a ***. I speak my mind "something the majority of you fear it appears", if you can not take the heat, then quite frankly get out of the kitchen. Does that compute?, do you understand, or do I have to talk 1+1 with you and in fact the majority, not the minority, but "Majority" of you in TOR?.

You do not see me dragging in my guild members or anyone in fact into your petty arguments, something so many of you do as you are basically weak minded to deal with your own private business without help and literally have no respect for other peoples views regardless of how hard it can be to stomach, whilst needing backing from the forums for your little hits. This is something quite incest in this game, most of you seem to brown nose so hard that I can smell it all the way here in the UK. Q. Am I actually dealing with sane people?.

If you continue to delude yourselves with this, it will drive you utterly bonkers, you do know this don't you, I will grind you down to the ground and still be there unless the GMs state otherwise, and most of the time I stick within their EULA rules, most of the time . One day you will see this and just go away with your buddies and get on with your little life of wastage, because if you think I care what ya think, then think again. "THINK", a simple and meaningful word that may have some of you confused.

Keep pursuing whatever it is you are pursuing against me, you will fail, most do and even those who do manage such a feat, I will still be in your face, so why bother?. Sorry to give you a rain check, but reality hits hard to the likes of you.

Please keep your propaganda coming, it is how can I put it, like a nice juicy steak to me, and it is not quite the way I like it, so please do continue with it. I will let you know when you have cooked it the way I like it. Although, I have this feeling you will never achieve whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

Take care to my adoring and loving fans.