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If Sidious doesn't Force-enhance his speed (or his strength), I could actually see Dooku winning. (Dooku is Master of the lightsaber duelling style Makashi after all.) Ventress and Maul will be long dead, while the two old men are still fencing, waiting for each other to make a mistake.

(I think it was stated in the Episode III novel that Windu and Sidious were equal duellists and if they had fought on even ground, the duel would have gone on forever. Dooku and Windu were also kind of on even terms with the saber, IIRC.)
And Windu beat Sidious with the saber at his best, however Mace's Vaapad style was using Sidious' Dark Side power against him which is the only reason why he won. Dooku has no such luxury to be able to do that so he would fall to Sidious speed or no speed eventually I could see a decent fight though.