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I missed last one, but I really think Kun still got some good in him before he killed his master, you can see him ask his master to join him, and had struggle before killed his master.
It is possible, but it could be that he wanted to turn a great Jedi Master to the Dark Side, thereby weakening the morale of the Jedi Order. Much like Odan-Urr's death did, Vodo Baas' conversion would have caused irreperable damage to the Jedi Order.

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Also I think the Great Sith War is the greatest epic saga beside the movies, I really hope they make EP 7, 8, 9 base on it.
That would make an epic movie series. The Great Sith War was an epic war that could have destroyed the Jedi Order. Would love to see a movie series on that, or even just a TV show.
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