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"Fellow Knights- the day is ours!"- Barrison Draay

After the rescue of Ulic Qel-Droma, Exar Kun and the Sith began planning the next stage of their plan to restore the Sith Golden Age. To this end, Krath fleets attacked Kemplex 7. But both Ulic and Exar Kun had their own plans for the attack on Kemplex 7.

When Ulic learned of Aleema Keto's attempt to usurp Ulic's command of the Krath, he commanded her to lead the attack on the station, for he knew what Exar Kun planned for the junction. During his excavations of the Massassi Temples, Exar Kun located a weapon of long dead Sith Lord Naga Sadow. This starship was armed with Sith weaponry and Sith Magic that allowed it to destroy stars, creating powerful supernovas. Exar Kun placed the ship under the command of Aleema Keto to use during the attack on the station, telling her that the destruction would prevent the Jedi from intervening.

But he did not tell her that the ships magic would not protect her from the residual blast, nor did he tell her that he had enhanced the ship's weaponry to cause a chain reaction of supernovae. Aleema did just as he planned, causing a supernova that created a chain reaction, a series of supernovae that was headed straight for Kun's primary target: the Jedi Library world of Ossus. The supernova was set off in the Cron Cluster, destroying Aleema and her fleet.

The supernova destroyed the Cron Cluster and sent a chain reaction towards Ossus. The Jedi Knights quickly gathered what artifacts they could, but they were forced to evacuate, leaving invaluable artifacts behind.

During this time, Exar Kun unleashed his Terentateks on Jedi occupied worlds of Tython, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine. These beasts fed on the blood of Force users and proved an incredibly dangerous foe to the Jedi Order.

With his Krath forces mercilessly striking the weakening Republic across the galaxy, Exar Kun launches an invasion of Ossus. With Ulic Qel-Droma leading the Krath and Mandalorians against the Jedi, Exar Kun lands near the home of Ood Bnar to claim many precious artifacts. Exar Kun wasted no time with the supernova rapidly approaching. He confronted Ood Bnar and demanded the artifacts, but Bnar refused. A duel between the Dark Lord and the elder Jedi ensued, but it was short-lived. Exar Kun's superior dueling skills and strength in The Force proved too great for the Neti to withstand, but it was not Exar Kun that defeated the Jedi. During their duel, one of Kun's Massassi attacked the Jedi and disarmed him.

With no hope for victory, Ood Bnar* used his natural abilities to morph into a powerful and unmovable tree, preventing the Dark Lord from accessing Ood Bnar's trove. Exar Kun was bested and fled to his shuttle, leaving Ulic to lead the attack on the Jedi.

But Ulic would come face to face with his brother, Cay Qel-Droma. The two would engage in a furious duel that would result in Ulic overcoming Cay and removing his brother's mechanical arm. Cay pleaded for Ulic to abandon the Dark Side, but it was too late. Ulic, fully embracing the Dark Side, cut down his wounded brother. This act was witnessed by Nomi Sunrider, who unleashed her power to sever Ulic's connection to The Force.

Having realized what had just occured and what he had done, Ulic abandoned the Dark Side and pledged to help the Jedi defeat Exar Kun.

But the war continued. Krath forces spread across the galaxy, attacking Republic worlds in multiple sectors. Meanwhile, armies of Jedi fought the armies of Sith and Massassi Warriors on multiple worlds, scoring much needed victories. Another much needed victory was secured by Republic forces on Onderon. Exar Kun's Mandalorians led a savage attack on the system, battling the Beast Riders and Republic reinforcements. The Mandalorians were eventually overwhelmed and forced to flee to Dxun. It was here that Mandalore the Indomitable was killed and Mandalore the Ultimate rose.

But the war was over. Having broke the lines of the Krath military, and using Ulic Qel-Droma's knowledge, the entire Republic military and the Jedi Order cornered Exar Kun and invaded his sanctum on Yavin IV. The Jedi army began invading the moon, not knowing what Exar Kun was planning.

In a bid for ultimate vengeance, Exar Kun gathered the Massassi Warriors from across the planet to prepare for one final ritual. A ritual that would allow him to wage unstoppable war against the Jedi Order, a ritual that would allow him to survive the Jedi attack. The Jedi fell back after feeling the Dark Side energy that was gathering, resolving to project a Wall of Light around the planet to contain Exar Kun's Dark power.

They projected their energy across the planet, but something happened that they did not intend. Their power in the Light Side collided with the Dark energy gathering at the Massassi Temples, creating a massive firestorm that engulfed the moon, destroying a great majority of what remained of Exar Kun and the Sith teachings.

Exar Kun, Ulic Qel-Droma and the Mandalorians had been defeated. Their was only one enemy to defeat- the Krath. Without their leaders, the Krath retreated to the Empress Teta system, hoping the Republic would leave them be. But the Republic would not allow such a powerful force to remain so close to Coruscant. A massive invasion was launched on the Empress Teta system, the Republic quickly struck the Krath, eventually routing them and destroying them.

With the Krath, the Sith, the Mandalorians and Exar Kun defeated, the galaxy returned to peace. But the galaxy would return to war when Mandalore the Ultimate waged another war, leading to the return of the Sith with Darth Revan at its head.

*Ood Bnar returned millenia later. Who released him?

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