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01.28.2013 , 07:38 PM | #151
Yeah I'm still pretty irritated about this, about 1 month after early game access I realized that many codex entries were missing. I spent hours trying to get them all, and short of submitting a ticket for each one of them, which I tried for a few and they ignored me, about 1/5 of them are unobtainable. I know it doesn't directly affect game play, but it tracks your experience in the game, what you've discovered, I want to complete it on my main, 1 year later and I'm still waiting.
Now we have an expansion coming up, probably no fix but I'll bet they are adding more to be unlocked in the new planet, half of which you won't be able to get. It shouldn't be very hard to add a trigger in game to update a codex, or add an object, or remove a codex entry from the list for things like titles that cannot be unlocked because the content doesn't exist.
This seems like a higher priority than adding crap like speeders and pets, i like them as much as the next guy, but fix what you got before you add more stuff. Of course, they'll warrant that with bringing in more cash, but bringing in a new guy who will end up seeing the same problems seems less important that keeping your current customers happy. You want a long term subscriber, or a f2p who buys a few cartel coins here and there?