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Kaliyo's a challenge, though. Do you really want people who conform to your character completely? Sounds dull to me.

Kaliyo's a person who is rebelling against everything but deep down has a part of herself that's open to finding someone who's worthy of being loyal to for once. To her the Agent's someone who intrigues her, someone who's wild and powerful enough to attract her but stays loyal to the most offputting government in the galaxy. SHE probably doesn't even know why she stays.

Her entire storyline is about how she's tying up messy loose ends that she's suddenly grown tired of for reasons she doesn't understand until the end. It's not all just random crap and lies. In her own way she's letting the Agent get to know her, testing him / her. She's a person who goes on her instincts and now her instincts and her head are telling her different things. That's why a lot of her Affection Point gains seem contradictory. I think she's one of the better written Companions in the game. There's nothing simple about her, nor should there be.
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