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01.28.2013 , 07:26 PM | #22
Sorry for the digging up this old thread, but I wanted to know some stuff considering I'm planning this with my friend.

I noticed that you haven't recommended a player tank+player healer combo - is the reason for this lack of DPS?

Also: have you guys tried out any HK-51 droids yet?

My buddy and I are planning of running a Sage healer + Shadow tank combo with two HK-51s with a ton of presence, and judging from the obscene amount of damage they can do, we started thinking that the HK droids can really compensate in the damage department when compared to other companions.

We just freshly dinged 50, and are considering getting our HKs polished up with the DT12/DT13 gear complimented with augments - though that may be overkill.
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