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01.28.2013 , 07:20 PM | #16
ok i just spend the last 7 hrs reinstalling this game after samething happen to it ,iam hopeing to came back on after 1pm today.

look iam sorry to all the people i give crap too but (a little bit gimp) started all this stuff , iam new to mmo's still geting the hang of typeing and this type of playing .

i know i might carry on a bit but if ppl didn't lol at me when they 4v1 me and didn't act like bullys and brag when they are beating me i wouldn't care so if you want me to stop how about you stop as well.

ps maybe it time for me to join a guild so if any pvp/pve guild would like my toons give me a pst in game will be on one of my imp toon if iam not my pc is still F up
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