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01.28.2013 , 06:44 PM | #8
Actually yes, there have been a lot of twinked pub premades running. Made finishing out my Marauder a lot more interesting.

And btw, with all advanced 22s at level 49, my stats were SIGNIFICANTLY better than recruit gear. On par with or better than my BM gear on my Sent back in the day.

As in, when I dinged 50 and threw on the junk recruit gear. I lost over 300 main stat and a truckload of power. My bonus damage went down 14X points. I was still using my level 39 ear piece and implants, too, which ALSO had better stats than recruit gear. No relics though, which gimped my health badly. Go figure.

Went from killing people in one ravage/5k crits on vicious throw and scream/5-6k smashes (highest in lowbie was 7459) to feeling like I was hitting people with pool noodles.