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Way I see it Star Wars is already dead.

Eps 1 - 3 ranged from bad to just awful.

Outside SWG Pre-CU no good Star Wars games. Battlefront was a Battlefield clone, Empire at War was boring, KOTOR was like every other BioWare game, TOR is the worst MMO ever made and everyone knows it.

The books have all been bad for years now nothing like the first line of books that came out in the 90's.

The Cartoons are bad.

The Comic Books are some of the worst things I've ever seen. Dark Horse should be ashamed of themselves.

Really this movie is just the final nail in the coffin of Star Wars. Much like how that Star Trek movie was the finally blow for Star Trek and after Into Darkness we can gladly bury Star Trek.
I disagree as far as the movies go i agree expect for episode 3. The cartoon series I 1/2 way agree only been bad the last 2 years but some episodes were good. I didn't play pre Cu SWG but i thought CU was pretty good. While empire at war may be a tad boring for a RTS just because they messed up on the ground combat section i like it better than star craft. I actually thought KOTOR was just as good as battlefront ( never even tried battlefield) i'm gonna get hate for this but kotor 2 was my favorite. I actually like TOR better than WOW or Rift or i wouldn't still be here been playing this game since Early game Access.

Can't comment on the books or comics since i didn't read any of them
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