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The Coruscant Sports Commission, in conjunction with the Galactic Boxing Authority and the Universal Boxing Association, is proud to announce a tournament for the Heavyweight Championship of the Galaxy! Located on beautiful Nar Shaddaa, the forbidden planet of Neon Dreams, this event will showcase the finest athletes in pursuit of the ultimate prize.

When: Feb 9th, 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm PST
Where: Club Vertica, Nar Shadaa
What: A 1v1, single-elimination, pvp tournament. All fighters must be unarmed and unarmored, except that they may wear gloves and boots. Contestants will only be permitted to use the unarmed attacks from the Legacy system (specifically Punch, Jab, Uppercut and Bash).


Prize: The Heavyweight Champion of the Galaxy will receive the approbation and applause fitting his or her station, and a full Phantom Set.

The MMA champ will receive the Trailblazer jacket, gloves, boots, and legs.

Other prizes may be available, subject to cartel pack luck...

How can you participate:

We need fighters! The only qualification, aside from the ability to use the Legacy strikes, is that you are a member of a recognized Role-Playing guild. Or, if unguilded, you have a role-playing backstory. I will be interviewing non-guilded RPers. Why am I restricting this to RPers? This is an RP server. Plain PvP is that way --->

In addition to fighters, we will need dancers, entertainers, ring girls and referees.

Also wanted is a rich individual to play the house for the purposes of betting.

This event is open to both Republic and Empire.

Anyone interested in participating in any manner, please send an in-game mail or tell to Vizair, Guild Master of the Justiciars.

Thank you!