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the hybrid you posted is the one from noxxic and I was going for that but noticed that I barely use Lightning Strike and shock in pve. Whats the full madness build?
This is the most common and best performing hybrid build for PvE:
The rotation is incredibly simple. Keep affliction up at all times, re-applying right after it wears off so as not to clip the last damage tick. Death Field on cooldown. Crushing Darkness on cooldown with Wrath proc. Force lightning as filler and as priority when you have Lightning Barrage proc. You should never be using Lightning Strike in this build and should only use shock sparingly, usually while on the move. Otherwise you will run into force issues.

This is the full Madness build that I use:
Similar rotation. Affliction and Creeping Terror should be re-applied right when they expire on the target. Death Field and Crushing Darkness (with Wrath proc) on cooldown. Force Lightning as filler. The main difference between this and the previously mentioned hybrid is that you trade Lightning Barrage for Creeping Terror. Creeping Terror does damage very similar to Affliction. It has a very high damage per cast time. It can be cast while on the move. It's also good for PvP because it has a 2-second root on 9 second cooldown. Some people prefer to take two points in Convection instead of Electric Induction for the slight boost to Crushing Darkness, but I prefer Electric Induction because the increased force efficiency allows me to use shock more often in highly mobile fights or lightning storm when there are AOE phases without running low on resources.

The Madness build allows you to up your DPS in multi-target boss fights like Toth and Zorn and Firebrand and Stormcaller by dotting both with Affliction and Creeping Terror. It has good mobility, which is increasingly important as tougher raids require more movement. And the rotation is not too difficult to master.

With either of these builds, it is also important that you time your Recklessness correctly. You should use the first charge on Force Lightning (each tick will crit), and your second charge on Death Field. If you add a Rakata power adrenal, you can do quite a lot of damage during burst phases. The cooldown on Recklessness is 1 minute 30 seconds, and the cooldown on the adrenal is 3 minutes, so you can use them together on every other use of Recklessness.