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You know i am a cuban living in the states right? kinda the commie word after 90 miles in a draft is offensive.. i whould report you is my rated team dont get screwed. o well psi will have 2 heal ... just for the love to troll him will be a good take.

still my precious french canadian friend at least they like us for the cigars , not like certain stereotypes ... ejem french ejem canadian
Ok Lemme translate Lainon for you all:

-He is a cuban gentleman living in the USA
-He was drafted into the Cuban Army, but went AWOL when the chef screwed up his bananas
-He doesnt want to report sheemie cause then he doesnt have a rated team
-He wants Psi to heal, but then also wants Psi to troll sheemie
-He wants sheemie to know that people like Cubans better then French Canadians because they like long, thick, smooth.....cigars.

I think I got it all. Feel free to make revisions.