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Bump, because PvP still burns on my Commando. Degauss is beast, immunity to snares and roots for it's duration or at the very least 2-4 seconds would be game changing yet not overpowered, a small speed boost would also be reasonable yet make a world of difference for a Commando. Preferably the speed boost or movement enhancing skill not tied to other skills ala Tracer/Grav tree reliance. Whole different subject but please tend to the gross and unreasonable reliance of the entire Gunnery/Arsenal tree on the horribly interrupt prone Tracer/Grav round.

A ranged, on demand snare and or root is desperately needed. Sweltering heat as Assault is sporadic and not reliable at best, since the nerf to 30%, even when it does proc it is simply is not enough. Stockstrike Root as Gunnery is simply and fantastically dysfunctional and awkward, a knockbackless melee range only root for a Ranged class, I don't know who or why this made it live but whoever thought it up needs to be taken off Mando/Merc development, permanently.
Except Degauss doesnt make you immune to snares or roots, just removes any you currently have. So a JK freezing forces you, you shield it, he FFs you again. your sol.
I took Degauss off and I honestly havent noticed a difference