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But I don't want to force Kun into this confrontation. So, alternatively, lets say he does decide to remain on Malachor. What then?[/COLOR]
Waits for Traya to come back and defeat her? Though I doubt Kun would win a waiting game with Traya. He could just wait for her to die of old age

But seriously, I think Kun would see Traya fleeing and wait to deal with her until the other threat has been defeated. Which means that he will join up with Ulic to go after Xizor.

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Xizor messages him via holo saying

"To contend with Xizor, is to lose."

Ending the transmission, you have several bio chemical bombs going off that Xizor carefully brought aboard several of Kun's ships disguising them as cargo ships, thus killing all of Kun's men aboard.
That would rely on Xizor escaping the Battle of Coruscant and quickly recuperating at his fortress.
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