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Exar Kun will no doubt study the teachings of the Trayus Academy, or even make Malachor his new base. He would be foolish to leave Malachor, such power cannot be ignored.

He would know it's a trap if Traya starts bombarding Yavin, and with his smaller fleet, returning to Yavin would be foolish.

If the Academy can survive the Mass Shadow Generator, I think it can survive a proton bomb.

I thought all tech was equal, as in all weapons and shielding is equalized? If that's the case, Exar Kun simply has more firepower.
What's he gonna learn? That the Force is evil? Hey, maybe he'll decide to give it up and join Traya or something.

But seriously, I totally agree he'll see the value in safeguarding Malachor. But he's got a war to win here, he doesn't have time to study the teachings of Malachor V, let alone the time to implement their powers. He would however be foolish to leave it unguarded, that is why I believe he would sacrifice a portion of his fleet attempting to protect it.

And the last point was kinda a joke. Although I sure if Traya slipped it through the front door it would do some damage.

All I'm thinking though is Kun has no reason to expect an ambush on Yavin 4, he'll likely assume Traya sensed him coming and fled. And his most powerful artifacts are on the planet, including his army of Massassi warriors, weapons he could use to find and destroy Traya (which he would see as more precious than Malachor V) and they're all undefended, waiting to be blown to pieces by Xizor or Traya. Regrouping on Yavin 4 seems like the most logical option. And if he really loves Malachor so much, why not just take the teachings with him? Snatch up a few holocrons and go. But then again, seeing as according to the Kaggath the winner absorbs all their enemies assets, he wouldn't have to worry about 'losing' Malachor anyway, unless he's planning on losing...

But I don't want to force Kun into this confrontation. So, alternatively, lets say he does decide to remain on Malachor. What then?