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I am not to fussed on weather or not there is any PvE Objectives in this update. PvE Players (aka carebears) already have enough content. Players that enjoy PvP are in need of more content other than the same old reptative Warzones.
The thing is that some people rolled on a PvE server to avoid PvP. Being forced into PvP to do PvE content is going to annoy a lot of those people. Heck, I'm on a PvP server and I sympathize with their plight. If they roll on a PvE server they've made it clear they don't want to do open world PvP. Forcing them into it could just hurt the game.

Besides, only bad PvP players get a sense of accomplishment from killing helpless PvE players. Skilled players prefer a challenge like PvP players in similar gear rather than Tionese geared 50s. You really think 1-2 shotting random 50s is content? You need to upgrade your standards a bit.
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