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Sorcs are not the worst DPS. That distinction belongs to operatives/smugglers. And sorc DPS is just fine for all current content. I've cleared everything up to Nightmare EC with my Sage and Sorc, both DPS.

I prefer a full madness build for its mobility and for double dotting bosses like Toth and Zorn and Firebrand and Stormcaller. Creeping Terror is a better skill than you think.

If you would rather go with a hybrid build, do the 1/12/28 that gives you Lightning Barrage. It will significantly boost your DPS over the build you posted.

Full Madness, full Lightning and the hybrid I mentioned are all fairly close to one another in DPS output. It comes down to which one better suits your playstyle and which one you enjoy more.
the hybrid you posted is the one from noxxic and I was going for that but noticed that I barely use Lightning Strike and shock in pve. Whats the full madness build?