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Because not everyone who PVPs like walking around flagged all the time. The PVP server is there for people who enjoy that sort of thing. The PVE server is for people who don't want to be flagged all the time. But that doesn't mean those same players don't enjoy PVP. They just want to do it at their choosing.,

If you and the other poster had your way, players like me wouldn't be playing this game because I enjoy PVP, but not everywhere all the time. I don't like being flagged everywhere I go, but I also don't want to be forced to PVE all the time with no chance of competition with another player. That's what single player games are for. The way it's set up right now is fine.

You and others like you need to learn that MMOs are played by many types of players and not every thing that comes down the development pipeline is going to cater to specifically to you.
You seem to be reading something quite different into what I wrote than I intended.
I have no interest at all into forcing players to play one way or another. I would welcome the same courtesy from others.
I am fully aware that the PvP servers are for open world PvP. But I am awake enough to realise that the developers always had in mind that there would be PvP between republic and empire even on the PvE servers. That is why you have increasing amounts of contested areas as you level. They are shoving republic and empire players into each others face just to encourage them to flip that PvP switch. They also put some part of the new content in PvP areas for the same reason.