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^This. The problem is that there is a double standard in this game when it comes to gear. As a purely PVE player, though every once in a while I might do a warzone but usually its on pre level 50 toons, if I wanted to to a warzone I would need PVP gear because without the expertise stat I would get slaughtered. In the few times I have done PVP as a level 50 whenever there was someone wearing PVE gear, that person would would be harrassed because they were not in the proper gear even though their PVE gear may actually have bene better stat wise then recruit gear.

We have the same thing with people in PVP gear coming doing HM flashpoints or Operations, yet for some reason its ok for them to not have the proper gear. What gives? The only solution to this problem is to completley remove the expertise stat from all PVP gear. That way if you prefer to PVP or PVE, you will be able to earn gear from the activity you find most enjoyable and still be able to do the other without trying to alienate anyone because they don't have the right gear.
No, it's the worst thing they could do actually. It might sound good at first (universal gear) but it really isn't. Removing Expertise is a terrible, terrible idea.

Think about the PvE gear gap at lvl50! Think about the stat difference between stock Tionese and augmented/optimized Dread Guard! Why does nobody ever complain about the gigantic gear gap in PvE? Because NPCs don't care if they get one-shot. In PvE you can choose a gear-appropirate challenge.

PvP is a big melting pot where the people in the worst gear are thrown against the people in the best gear. it is NOT a gear appropriate challenge. Fresh 50s in stock Recruit have a hard time as it is against augmented and optimized elite war heroes. Can you imagine optimized DG players smashing Recruits for 10k? The gear gap in PvP needs to be artificially small. Which means PvP gear will fall behind PvE gear eventually statwise.

Also, to keep the PvP gear gap small, they need to remove the previous tier, when a new one is rolled out (e.g. Centurion, Champion, Battlemaster). The only way universal gear would work if they removed previous PvE tier sets, when a new tier is rolled out. Can you imagine EV Story Mode suddenly dropping Black Hole gear, when a new PvE tier comes out? Then EV Story dropping Dread Guard at a new tier to keep the gear gap small for PvP'ers? Ridiculous, isn't it?

It is a bit unfair that PvP gear is good enough for most of the endgame PvE content. But as the gear gap grows between PvE and PvP tiers, you'll see that PvP gear in PvE becomes less and less viable. TFB HM is borderline at best in PvP gear but Denova Nightmare is simply impossible in PvP gear no matter how good you are. And the situation will become worse as the gap widens between the two gear sets.

So, what I say they should do is make PvP-gear PvP only and PvE gear PvE only. It should become disfunctional when not worn in the intended environment. This would forever settle the debate on Expertise and would force everyone to grind two sets of gear. It's the most fair way for everyone.

EDIT: Remove the ability to craft BiS PvE gear from PvP crafting materials. Seriously, it's ridiculous......Most of my PvP friends who never stepped foot in an Operation have better PvE gear than I have, and I raid three times a week.
BiS PvE gear from 875 Warzone(!!!!!!) commendations? Stop this madness now!