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Still, the ambush is based on the assumption that Kun would go directly for Traya a second time. After he has already seen her run once. I think Kun would try to make sure she doesn't run again, even if he doesn't anticipate the ambush.
He could try to take out her fleet, so he can shoot down her shuttle when she tries to escape. Or he could let his Massassi swarm her shuttle. Or simply keep some basilisks in the air to make sure she will be shot down.

He might also simply wait on Malachor and try to stack the odds in his favor. Normally he does go directly for his opponents, but several times he waited for the right moment to strike.

This would lead to a very strange situation: Traya waiting on Yavin 4 and Kun waiting on Malachor, while Ulic destroyes Xizor's powerbase.

These are several scenarios again. I'm not sure which one is most likely.
Going to Yavin IV isn't going directly for Traya (from his point of view.) Its returning to his base of operations to plan his next move and search for Traya through the Force. I see no reasons why he wouldn't go back, being on a foreign planet, the planet of his enemy, with minimal protection is not as safe as being on his own planet surrounded by hordes and hordes of Massassi warriors.

And Kun would likely be heavily overwhelmed. We're talking a max of 2 Kyramud-type battleships (each with a company of 3 Shaadlar-type troopships) against 1 Centurion-class battlecruiser and 8 possibly 10 Interdictor-class cruisers. And then we have the advantage of surprise. Kun and his fleet will drop out of hyperspace right in front of them, and Traya's fleet will open fire with everything they've got before Kun can even activate his shields. Tractor beams (they all had one equipped) will prevent Kun from moving an inch, and gravity well generators will ensure he does not escape.

Alternatively Traya could either start laying waste to his Massassi Warriors and Temple (orbitally) to draw him out. - he would feel their deaths. Knowing that his precious Sith artifacts (which he coveted most dearly) were being reduced to ash would force him into action. On the other hand she would lose the element of surprise and Kun would at least be expecting an attack. Another avenue Traya could take would be assaulting Malachor V itself, destroying his above fleet and then invading Malachor. But this would be difficult as Kun would be entrenched and Traya would have to face Kun personally (albeit with Sion & Sith) in a darkside nexus.

Or, Traya could wipe out his Massassi warriors and his Temple, jump to Malachor and destroy his remaining fleet, jump to Mandalore and steal a Basilisk droid, then jump back to Malachor, and have a Basilisk droid fly down to the surface and drop a proton bomb on the Academy. ()

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The Ravager was a battlecruiser not a capital ship. More to that, lets look at the specs of a Centurion class battleship given thats what the Ravager is. Where is it stated that it is equivalent to a class 2 Star Destroyer?

6 Medium turbolaser cannons

6 heavy ion cannons

5 light laser point defense cannons

and I guess two proton torpedo launchers.

I am calling it a POS when comparing to what Kun and Xizor have here.
'Capital ship' is not a class, it is a term for a the vessel that possesses the heaviest firepower and heaviest armour in any given fleet. They are also usually the largest. Any class can qualify as a 'capital ship'. The Ravager was among these:

'The Centurion-class battlecruiser was a capital ship used by the Galactic Republic and the Sith Triumvirate.'
~ Wookieepedia.

'Despite the timespan between designs, the Interdictor-class cruiser was comparable in power to an Imperial Victory II-class Star Destroyer with all the advantages of the Immobilizer 418 cruiser and served a role similar to that of the more modern Star Destroyer designs.' ~ Wookieepedia.

And while I fully agree that the vessels in Kun's Mandalorian Fleet had a larger number of laser batteries, this does not mean they were more powerful. Numbers aren't everything. We also have to consider firepower, size (of the vessel), speed, maneuverability and shielding. Given the class and accomplishments of the Centurion, we can assume that it excelled in those fields.