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Firstly,from my viewpoint, the EU mostly sucks (except thrawn trilogy and x-wing novels). So any abilties and story from that other stuff, I disregard.

That said -

Palpatine gambled and lost, Anakin stands by and lets things play out. Palpatine pulls out his sabre to rescue the situation and gets cut down with ease by Windu. The dark force explosion blows Mace out of the window to an unknown fate. Sidious has left order 66 on a timed transmission, so the jedi slaughter goes as planned.

Learning of the supreme chancellor's demise, the republic turns on the remaining few jedi. Despite a defensive plea from Yoda, Obiwan and Organa. Palpatine's plotting is buried by selected power hungry senators. The few remaining Jedi are now exiled.

Still war weary and corrupt, the fragmented republic appoints Thrawn as commander of the republic starfleet, with Tarkin in overall command of military forces. Fleet production is stepped up and death star project is scrapped, as there is no need of planetary destruction and weakened galactic economics make the cost prohibitive. Star destroyers are the method of keeping order throughout the known systems.

Luke and Leia are being trained by Yoda, Obi wan and their father and proving to be the strongest jedi ever known. The underground jedi movement is starting to grow, dissatisfaction with a corrupt republic leads to a rebellion that drags the whole galaxy to war.
The problem with droid jesus is that he jumps around too much, you'd think he'd be a lot easier to nail down.