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One day last week I posted a very simple message that had exuded my feelings from a certain point in time perfectly. However, my feelings were illegitimate. (Explanation to follow after apology). My previous statements were not how I really feel about the (entire) community, and it's embarrassing.

First I want to say sorry to the Goof Troop, I misrepresented you in the grossest of ways, and for me personally that is unacceptable. You guys were kind enough to let me try out for your guild, then allowed me to join despite that my gear was only recruit. (Some guilds only let you in unless you have full war hero) . I don't expect a re-invite to the guild, I'm not asking for one. (After much deliberation, yes I am a clicker, but I've noticed that it's situational lol)

Secondly, I'd like to apologize to the entire PvP community on The Harbinger. What I said was hurtful, and I wouldn't want anyone saying those things about me or the people I spend time with.

My recent actions have got me gkicked from not just The Goof Troop on Harbinger, but also my lowby imp guild on Jedi Covenant. So, know that my anger wasn't only directed at you.

I can't promise that my actions won't be repeated in the future. About 10 years ago, I had an accident (not the kind involved with a car) but one significant enough to mis-align two of the vertebrae in my back. From time to time the pain flares up to a point I am dependent on medication to subdue it. Suboxone, the medication I rely on, is a psyco-narcotic that sends me into an irritated rage or a deep depression (occasionaly). Why don't I just switch drugs? Because sub is the only pill I can keep down, the rest upset my stomach.

If you feel like accepting my apology, thank you. I don't know what I can do to make up for my actions. (Just ask the guys in Goof Troop, most of them will tell you that when I'm not doped up I'm actually a pretty decent person) For those that don't accept my apology, I completely understand. I don't know that I would be able to accept some random's excuse to troll, especially since it's the internet and this jerk (me) could be just lying to us cause he did something stupid. That decision is completely up to you.

So, this whole ordeal has embarrassed me enough that I'm going to be significantly limiting my time on the Harbinger, and on my lowby imp on Jedi Cov. Even my main guild noticed I was being terrible and asked me to log off (and after many insults and expletives I did). Luckily, they knew my situation and didn't gkick me. Truly, I hope the best of luck for the pvp guilds on Harbinger, and once again, I'm very sorry for my behavior toward you.
If I were you, I would either:
A: Disappear completely from this game and go play something else where you can re-do your image and basically start over.
B: go to a new server, start over, learn from what happened on this one, and try and not make the same mistakes.
C: Keep playing on this server. Hope you get into a guild that doesn't have someone who can read this thread in it, and get targeted every time in PVP by anyone associated with guilds you insulted.

That is my advice, but whatever you choose to do, good luck to you.