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My first attempt at creating and editing a video. Don't expect a lot of great production value. The clips were apart of 1 night of PVPing with guildies in regs.

That aside, it is a video pertaining to the playstyle of a lethality operative. It is not a burst compilation or a tutorial video, but rather the context around the burst.

I chose this spec because I refuse to be a FOTM reroller, and I actually enjoy it. You might not agree with its viability in competitive play, but that will not deter me from playing it.

As for my gear, I was missing EWH implant x1, relics x2, enhancement x1, earpiece, and conceal PVE 2 pc set bonus (most of which my scoundrel has, but can't be transferred). I also used a rakata stim for the entirety of the video instead of exotech.

Hopefully you will enjoy.
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