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The thing is though, it will be an ambush. Kun won't see it coming and therefore be unable to anticipate it.
Still, the ambush is based on the assumption that Kun would go directly for Traya a second time. After he has already seen her run once. I think Kun would try to make sure she doesn't run again, even if he doesn't anticipate the ambush.
He could try to take out her fleet, so he can shoot down her shuttle when she tries to escape. Or he could let his Massassi swarm her shuttle. Or simply keep some basilisks in the air to make sure she will be shot down.

He might also simply wait on Malachor and try to stack the odds in his favor. Normally he does go directly for his opponents, but several times he waited for the right moment to strike.

This would lead to a very strange situation: Traya waiting on Yavin 4 and Kun waiting on Malachor, while Ulic destroyes Xizor's powerbase.

These are several scenarios again. I'm not sure which one is most likely.
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