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The Ravager can be destroyed by other means, reason being is that Nihilus was holding it together so without him being on the ship its destroyed being that its not held by the darkside. Though...if Nihilus isn't even apart of this, then I am assuming its just the Ravager before it crashed on Malachor V right? If so then its just a regular Centurion class battleship which really isn't anything special. Honestly even after Malachor V, the only thing that even made it special was Nihilus so without him its not even special after Malachor V its just a beat up wreck, POS.
'POS' is not exactly what I would call a capital ship, more powerful than a Interdictor-class cruiser which was compared with the firepower of a Victory II-class Star Destroyer. The Interdictor and the Centurion where both formidable vessels that helped conquer a third of the galaxy and would have crushed the Republic during the Jedi Civil War. And lets not forget that the Interdictor possessed a gravity well generator, and a tractor beam. Making it even more formidable.

Forgive the attack but I think your selling up short one of the most powerful vessel of its time. And it was. That's technically canon.*

But back to the debate, here's a big fat post for you to consider

Concerning the 'Battle of Coruscant' - lets not forget were talking about the entire Tetan Fleet here, that like 95% of Kun's navy. A fleet that was powerful enough to challenge the Republic Navy. And something else, Kun had Ulic capture over 300 Republic war ships from shipyards on Foerost. And added that to there already expansive Krath Fleet, which we can assume was larger. So I think there is no question Xizor would be eventually overwhelmed... but he could easily escape alive.**

And concerning Xizor mobilizing fleets, unless he has fleets to hand in the Core Worlds (which I highly doubt) he will not be able to call on reinforcements before Ulic arrives from the Deep Core. (Yes he has 'influence on every planet' but not military influence. I doubt the Empire would have allowed fleets so many fleets in the Core Worlds.) Especially considering the fact that hundreds of warships will not be needed to overwhelm Xizor.

Concerning the 'Battle of Yavin IV', Maaurin makes a interesting point. But I fear such a strategy would in fact unbeknownstly work against him. I highly doubt Kun will completely avoid Yavin IV. He has no reason to expect a trap and as the centre of his power (and his dark side power) his first strategy to be to return there either to regroup with Ulic or meditate in an attempt to find Traya using amplified Force sense. Or both. However like you said a good idea, at least from his point of view, will be to 'convert' Malachor V into his own stronghold. However this means leaving at least one Kyramud behind. Leaving him with only one for Traya to destroy in her ambush (the third having been destroyed before hand as it protected Yavin IV). We also have to consider that Traya, not being one to fight on the front lines, will probably retreat to Dxun while Sion leads the charge.

The thing is though, it will be an ambush. Kun won't see it coming and therefore be unable to anticipate it.

And finally, lets think scenarios here people. Assessing the size and power of the combatants power bases is partly irrelevant, this isn't going to come down to one big war. It will be a series of underhanded moves, and be over within a day or two.

*The major powers at that time where the Mandalorians, the Sith and the Republic. The most powerful ships in the Sith armada were the Leviathan and the Centurions (being capital ships i.e. superior to Interdictors) The most powerful vessel in the Republic navy was its capital ship class, the Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship, the Centurion was its successor. It therefore surpasses all other Republic vessels. The only vessels therefore that could match it were the Leviathan, the Kandosii-type dreadnaught and the Kyramud-type battleship.

**Unless Ulic, being a skilled tactician (he played a heavy part in several strategies of the Great Sith Wars), and knowing that Xizor is a crime lord (not likely to possessive a mahusive fleet on hand, cowardly, self preserving, cunning etc.) would anticipate Xizor attempt to flee. So instead he sends a small force to lull Xizor into a false sense of security, believing he has a chance of winning, and then Ulic goes down to the Palace personally and carves a path to Xizor. Meanwhile the rest of his fleet (which is pretty huge) drops out of hyperspace and quickly overwhelms Xizor's remaining forces and surrounds the planet. Sealing off any chances of Xizor escaping. I think Ulic could at least come up with this plan, he came up with several cunning and complex plans in the past that involved subterfuge and diversions. Whether it would succeed or not, well, I'll leave you to decide.