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I'm a lvl 24 Operative looking for a guild that I can spend my SW:ToR career with.

I'm looking for a Social Guild that likes Chatting as much as Casual Raiding. I plan on staying with this guild for a long time so I hope it's a group I can mesh with. I am self sufficient but I do prefer to run Flash Points with guildies so we can learn each others nuances.

I am comfortable with a set raiding schedule that has about two nights a week . I used to raid consistently in WoW (gasp) for many years and I'm not afraid of progression runs. I do want a guild though that doesn't implode on each other when a boss can't be taken down in a weeks attempts.

I'd like it to be social enough that one day, we'd even meet up (distance permitting) and be with a mature group that does realize that this is just a game, not a volunteer career.

I can install Vent/TS/Mumble and do have a head set but I only listen. That's a quirk of being a healer who likes to listen to the raid leader instead of yakking away.

I was a guild leader and then eventually just an officer so I believe in sharing in guild banks and providing fair help to others. I am not interested in politics or religion but more of a mature group chat.

(Wall of Text done - Whew!!)

Send me a whisper in game to Tiko'o and lets chat!

-Cipher Agent Tiko'o