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Most of the time (not always), players calling for nerfs have little understanding of how the class works and therefore how to counter it because they simply haven't taken the time to find out, or are making uninformed assumptions, or they simply aren't capable of learning how. Rage Marauders are definitely in this category. While this spec is certainly the most resilient and the easiest to play of the three specs, it is also the most susceptible to Sorc stun bubbles, knockbacks, and snares/roots. Here's why:

Contrary to popular misconception, Rage Marauders only have 1 leap effectively. Force Charge and Obliterate (both are leaps) operate on different ranges, the former requiring the target to be farther than 10m and the latter requiring the target to be less than 10m. The two of them together essentially perform the same function as the Close Quarters talent in the Annhiliation tree. For most end-game PvP Marauders, they will be using the Vindicator set for the 4pc set bonus that grants +10% to damage for 5 seconds following a Force Charge. A Mara with 4 stacks of Shockwave wearing Vindicator who Force Charges is the one who's going to Smash for 7k+ on low Expertise targets, and around 5k+ on high Expertise targets. The problem with that is with Sorc stun bubbles so prevalent in PvP now, Force Charge against someone who's bubbled will pop the bubble and stun the Mara before he can get off his Smash. Knockbacks have the same effect and will prevent the Mara from getting Smash off, or it will go off after he's out of range of the target.

The other major weakness of this spec is snares/roots. Against competent players, they can simply keep you snared or rooted and stay out of range of Smash. With no way to break snares/roots without wasting Break Free, the Rage Mara has to wait for Charge or Obliterate, depending on range, to come off cooldown (15 seconds). Then he can leap to the target again but may be stunned or knocked back as soon as he does and be snared/rooted again. Even if he can get off Smash each time his leap is off cooldown, that typically won't be sufficient DPS to kill anyone if they are getting healed or are a healer themselves. With Obliterate, the Rage Mara can reduce its cooldown by 1 second for every assault ability he uses, but the only assault ability that is ranged is Force Scream (I don't believe Deadly Throw counts as an assault ability, but I could be wrong). What that means is that he might be able to reduce the cooldown of his leap under 10m, but if you're staying more than 10m from him while keeping him snared/rooted, he'll be forced to wait on Force Charge (15 secs) each time.

Rage Maras shine in WZs like Voidstar where fights are often clustered around the doors, and they have great synergy with other Rage specs because of the amount of combined damage pressure they can put on the opposition. That said, most serious Rated teams will not take a Rage Mara. They'll take a Carnage Mara instead for the increased Predation, but will take other DPS classes over a second Marauder if available. Basically, if you can keep a Rage Mara snared/rooted, have Sorc bubbles and/or knockbacks, they are fairly impotent. If there is more than one Rage spec on the opposing team (Juggs and Maras), avoid clustering up and you'll significantly limit their potential effectiveness. Keep those things in mind that I've mentioned, and you'll find them to be very manageable and far less of a problem.

Hope that helps!