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I have raided in eq2, wow and a few other games... and have gone experience the same dry spells in end game content there as i have here.

The big difference here though is that more people are clearing the content then what people were in other games, and these people that are new to success are getting bored rather quick. Old veterans, will just roll a 6th or 9th alt... or play another game (PS2) a little bit while waiting for the new content, while continuing to farm what raid content there is to avoid getting rusty.

As a raid/guild leader, your best bet is to explain the importance of farming a raid on a weekly basis (experience, discipline, and keeping the gears well oiled), while trying to minimize and shorten the amount of time people have to spend doing it. If people cant mange to log on for a few hours a week to continue to raid while waiting for the next raid/expansion, then most likely are flakes when it comes to raiding.
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