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A few questions:

1) Any community memes I should be aware of?
2) Any big guilds we all look up to in awe?
3) Is there an altaholics anonymous I can join around here?
1. The Jawa one is definitely still prevalent - seemingly on both sides.

2. Honestly, no - the way this game is set up there are no guilds that are so incredibly far and beyond any others that one might look at them in awe (as previous poster said, nothing like FoH was in EQ where they would beat everyone in content by weeks). It seems to me all the 8s and 16s beat the content in a similar timeline. On this server, The Grey Order (TGO) has consistently been the first to clear, and get titles on 8 man. There are only 3 16 man guilds now (a week ago there was only 1, Carnage Gaming) - that being said, for the current tier of content no one has beaten Kephess in EC NiM in 16, and only Carnage has gotten tanks. If you are looking serverwide, then Ace and FriendlyFire are generally regarded to be two of the best. Otherwise, just check the progression spreadsheets which are maintained.

3. I'm not sure if there are specific guilds designed for altaholics - but there are plenty of casual guilds that can probably cater to such a person. Covenant of the Phoenix (COTP) might be a fit, and they are certainly one of my favorite casual guilds.