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Kun really has this one. He's the only one who's prepared for a straight up fight. He's got lots of soldiers, powerful force adepts, access to ton's of resources, a powerful and loyal second in command, and a strong fleet, not to mention his own massive power. In the Revan/Grievous/GOTO fight, it worked to GOTO's advantage that he wasn't a direct fighter but that was only because both his enemies were. With two indirect fighters there's nobody to drain Kun's resources.

Xizor has credits, assassins, merc groups, and a good fleet, but the problem with most criminals is that they'll kill for you, not die for you. As well in an actual fight Xizor was discribed and smart and a good fighter, but that was against normal people, force adepts could rip him apart without breaking a sweat. Guri's also way tougher than your average person but an a one on one fight against either or the other second in commands and she'd get ripped to shreds, she does have the loyalty going for her though. Xizor's is a criminal empire and while he'd rip GOTO and his power base to shreads, his forces aren't designed for the massive conflict that it would take to win against a heavy hitter like Kun.

Traya has the broken remnants of Revan's Empire so ton's of assassins, a decent number of soldiers, some Marauders, some Dark Masters, and a small fleet. If this was a long fight where she could hid out and chip away at Kun then I could see her winning, but if Kun caught her in even one straight up fight she'd get destroyed. She's smart, devious, and pretty scary in her own right, and if she was able to join up with Xizor to fight Kun then I'd give it to her for even a straight up fight, but that's against the rules. Plus I wouldn't exactly call Sion a beacon of loyalty and betrayal by him is certainly not unlikely.

This is the kind of fight that Traya could win if every single thing went her way but if that's...very unlikely. Xizor would need a miracle to win. Percentage-wise I give Kun a 90%, Traya a 9.9%, and Xizor a .1%
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