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I completely agree with the OP, people hate on TCW and they have reasons to criticise it, but frankly, the positives far outweigh the negatives. The way I see it there are two problems with this show:

At times, its a little cheesy. Yeah its aimed at kids, its on Cartoon Network (soon to be moved to Disney Channel) its gonna have a bit of a cheesy funk to it. But I can get other that. Still it does irk me sometimes, oh well.

The bad guys are pretty weak at times e.g. General Grievous. Who while being totally awesome and brilliantly characterized as the archetypal mustache twirling villain (which, lets face it, he is) does seem to lose, all the time. I can understand this, and IMO this is one real thing that needs to be corrected. In terms of good vs bad, I think the latest episodes have rectified the problem, Maul and Oppress kick butt and several good guys have been felled. But GG is still losing. I mean first Gungans and now, younglings? C'mon give poor Grievous some victories. I think we need more of what we saw on Dathomir, more Grievous butt kicking, he's got it in him, he's just gotta use it.

But yeah, those are the only things I really can complain about concerning this series. That's it.

(And I really hope people will stop hating on the New Mandalorians, that faction has proven its worth and ingenuity as a plot device, as I said it would. )
The biggest problem is they could not focus on good ideas well enough, the Maul arc is a perfect example of it. They could make season 5 focus on them but instead we got those ****** arcs(especially the droid arc!) and ran out of time, so everything is too rushed in last 2 episodes.