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it adds utility to the stealth classes. taking that away hurts the viability of assassins and, especially, operatives, not the juggs.

but I tell you what, let's make your roots observe resolve and we can talk about guardian leaps to a stealth target.

in all seriousness, though, this point was already brought up, should he be able to intercede to your sniper under cover? if your answer is yes, then you're just another me me me kid who wants all the toys. if your answer is no, then I'll at least respect you for not being a me me me kid, but I'd rather not give up the one utility scrappers have in that wz. not that my opinion matters to you in either case. but there it is.
When I am running dps for my sin this is what I do unless my team is lacking on damage and controlling mid. I will always try to place myself ahead of the carrier for passes or intercedes. My guildleader and I do this often where I will get ahead and he will get the jump with myself never leaving stealth, against a bad team we cannot be stopped, against a good team the jig is up after the 2nd score and we adjust tactics.

It can be stopped but it amazes me how many teams I see that allow a stealth to stay in their endzone with no effort to deal with it.