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Well Season 6 is in the works:

"I've written, like, twelve, sixteen [episodes] now? Because we're three years ahead of you guys. We've already written Season Six."
―Christian Taylor, in September 2011

Season 5 was set to be the last series, there were only meant to be 100 episodes, now we've got 103. So maybe there coming to an end. Then again doesn't that quote sound like TCW story is still going strong? He says 'We've already written Season Six.' - not 'we've already written the final episodes'. And last year Filoni said this:

"I've done eight different endings for her. I'll be talking to George about it soon"
―Dave Filoni, in July 2011

Thats concerning Ashoka Tano's fate, which I presume would happen at the very end, in the final season. I'm going a bit in depth here but what the heck. That was said in July, implying that at that point the final season had yet to be written or at least completed. Two months later Taylor tells us that Season Six is done. I doubt Ashoka's fate i.e. the final season, could have be done in that time. So I think its safe to say that Season Six is not the last.

And finally, George Lucas said this in an interview:

"We've been doing this for three years. We have one year finished, we're in the middle of the second year. I've written the third year. We expect this to go on for at least five or six years."
―George Lucas, in March 2008.

That was 2008 when the first season was coming to and end. What's important is he says he expects it will continue for another five or six years. Were moving into the fifth year now (has it been that long!) and the series seems to be running strong. Season Six will probably premiere in September, and from the above quotes I reckon we could very well see a Season Seven and a Season Eight, maybe, just maybe even a Season Nine. But no more than that.

Concerning content: I reckon this season will focus on Maul and Ventress/Ashoka. Maul will be put to bed and Ventress and Ashoka's stories will take a radical new track - giving a climatic ending. Season 6 and 7 will continue where it left off and progress the stories of Ventress and Ashoka. While introducing familiar themes from Revenge of the Sith i.e. Sidious machinations and Anakin's fall. But mainly exploring new characters and storylines. Perhaps wrapping up the stories of characters we don't see in ROTS (e.g. Bounty Hunters) And Season 8 will focus on the final stages of the war, which will start to turn in the Republic's favour, with lots of big battles. And if there is a Season Nine, it will be doing similar things, but with a heavy focus on Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ashoka, in particular Anakin's fall and Ashoka's fate. What I can say almost for sure is that the final stages will end with a film, like they began. And hopefully it will be awesome.

^^That's my guess.