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After searching through the databases of TORHead, I have found several things I think you would all like to see. I believe they were fairly recent additions to the database, as no one had brought them up yet after all the time this thread has been up. A search for the word "Dread" brought up about a trillion results, BUT there was one that surprised me. TORHead reported there being a title with "Dread" in it. I know for a fact that this title isn't in game now. The title is Dread Slayer.

Now, I had to figure out where the heck that came from, so I searched for it on teh Googles and it was indicated that you get the title by slaying the dreadful entity (this from DarthHater). A search for this reveals a codex entry on TORHead. I give you.....THE DREADFUL ENTITY!

TORHead tells us that the codex entry is to "Defeat the Dreadful Entity in the Asation Operation".

A secret boss inside the cave? I THINK YES.
Well that seems pretty open and shut. So back to the basics, how do we summon it?

Do we know where Asation is located? Because if Asation = Abeloth's planet then the entity could easily be Abeloth.