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A few questions:

1) Any community memes I should be aware of?
2) Any big guilds we all look up to in awe?
3) Is there an altaholics anonymous I can join around here?

Thanks to all who reply~
(1) I've haven't seen too many community memes, but I don't spend a whole lot of my time here. There does seem to be this random, oft repeated joke in the game of a Jedi, a trooper, and a smuggler walking into a cantina. (It pops up occasionally on the Imperial side as a Sith, a bounty hunter, and an Imperial agent.)

(2) I don't believe that Aftermath or Fires of Heaven have a presence in SW:TOR like they did in EverQuest or World of WarCraft. So there are none of which I'm aware.

(3) The Forceful guild on the Galactic Republic side of the fence hosts a few altcoholics' characters. Right now, it's small - but it has some decent folks that are on fairly regularly. They have a nominal presence in the Sith Empire under the banner of Enforced, but that's mostly comprised of the current Forceful guild leader and one other officer.