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Summay : most of them are simply "kill that mob" and sometimes "don't forget to loot". You don't need to hunt the mobs, they are always at the same place. And no, a quest in a MMO shouldn't be always "go kill that ob for whatever reason".
Yes well, most MMORPGs are built around fighting enemies. Combat is complex enough to still provide at least some challenge over repetitions, and it also gives rise to a diverse equipment and skill system. Pure puzzles embedded in an otherwise combat-oriented MMO game tend to only be interesting for a few times at most.

The "Eyes and ears" mission in Black Hole? The first time I did it I was very excited to see something that involves sneaking instead of combat, but now I can run through it in less than two minutes. They didn't even bother positioning the objectives and/or detectors randomly, even though that could've vastly increased the replay value.

Another (mostly) non-combat mission I absolutely loved was visiting the Theoretika in the HK questline. I even switched to walk mode to soak in the atmosphere. I made sure to read all the logs to find out what had happened. But the next time I do it on another character? I already know where all the kerycards are, so I'll probably just run through it. Given the complexity of the mission, there's not even much room for meaningful randomization.

On Republic side Balmorra one heroic contains a logic puzzle. It can provide some challenge the first time you encounter it, but after you've got it figured out, it's solvable in a minute or two. Many people also dislike this, since they just want action.

There are plenty of missions on the planets as well where you can skip all or most of the mobs, especially with a stealth class. That tends to take the challenge out of them though.

If you're looking for an MMO game that doesn't involve combat, take a look at Puzzle pirates. It's very casual compared to most MMORPGs though.