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01.28.2013 , 11:18 AM | #10
I haven't played my Sorc in a while, but get a few tionese pieces and remod them with 63 pvp armorings and mods from belts/bracers to get the shorter cooldown on innervate. While min maxing focus on power because you already get some crit from the skill tree.

As for party puddle/vs bubble spec, obviously a skilled player should be doing more healing in full heals as opposed to bubble stun spec, that was never in question. You lose about 10% off the top to your base heals and you obviously don't have salvation/revification, but the bubble stun is such a huge boon to your team's success that it more than makes up for the small amount of healing lost. Then when you factor in things like better force management, better damage dealing capabilities, and the knockback root, its a no brainer.