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The only reason you aren't going to be out healed by a puddle healer is because any decent healer will spec bubble right now. If I am on a pug team with a bubble healer, I will spec into puddle and force myself to not use the bubble if they are good and actually bubbling people. Even gimping myself in that fashion, the puddle spec still out heals bubble spec. Bubble is still possibly the best heal in the game even without the stun.

For pure bubble spec, you stack power and ignore crit because bubble is ONLY based on your bonus healing and doesn't crit. For full heal there are two schools of thought as mentioned above. I personally prefer high crit (right now I have about 38 percent) in puddle spec. Expertise I am running 1211 right now. Two power crystals and pve 27 bracer/belt armorings. I also stack the A mods for max endurance and mainstat instead of the traditional min/max mods. I just tend to think that endurance in PVP is too valuable.
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