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My opinion is from two points of view:

(1) As a Guardian tank running the Huttball:

To Guardian Leap to a friendly stealth class on the ledge in Huttball is often half the battle. 90% of the time, I am immediately pulled back to the pit by an assassin or PT. so, does it really matter? Not really. In any truly competitive pvp, this is almost a non-factor because you're almost assured that this alone will not guarantee a score in Huttball.

(2) As a Sage healer, defending against this:

I actually don't mind it either. Frankly, a Guardian or Jugg that is being pummeled on in the pit walking to a ledge is essentially telegraphing that there is a stealth class they are looking to intercede/guardian leap to on the goal line. Most will walk in a direct line to the stealthed player, with no deception at all about where they intend to be -- on your ledge where the stealth player is hiding.

Great Guardians/Juggs will actually work to a diagonal vantage point to a stealthed player, and then Guardian Leap/Intercede under the center catwalk ramp, etc. instead of telegraphing where they're going.

99% of the time on defense, I work the high ground (paying attention to LOS, so that I'm not being leaped at by the ball carrier) and get on my goal line on the side of the catwalk ramp in which they are traveling.

I lay in wait & as soon as they either (a) leap up, or (b) pass up, I'm in the perfect position to use a force push on both players, sending them back into the pit where my team can dismantle them.

Defense against stealth in the EZ isn't that hard. It just takes situational awareness.

In either scenario, I would say taking this out of the game is a total request for a crutch and an unnecessary nerf that would only prolong matches.

I'd veto this request.
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