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Discussed to death already. Consider willpower and power to be equivalent, so for mods, you want the highest combined number, ie, the unlettered versions. If you are considering augments, the willpower augments come up /slightly/ better in the math due to the extra crit rating. Power adds more to your baseline bonus healing number than willpower does. Assuming 14 augments, the 6% boost to willpower from skills and 5% from buffs:

willpower: 252 * 1.06 * 1.05 = 280 * 0.14= 39.2 bonus healing
power: 252 * 0.17 = 42.8 bonus healing.

The bonus healing difference is 3.6, or ~9% in favor of power. But the willpower will also add 1.1% to your crit if we assume a baseline healing bonus of around 800 and a surge around 75%, that gives an equivalent bonus heal of (800 * 0.75 * 0.011) = 6.6. It is the extra crit chance, on a very shallow DR curve, combined with the buffs and skills that boost willpower, that push willpower /slightly/ ahead of power.