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01.28.2013 , 11:07 AM | #404
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We have not missed it. We are wondering if thre will be any compensation for those of us loyal people who have subscribed to SWTOR? Particularly in the form of extra Cartel Coins. This does nto cost Bioware any extra money, and will help keep subscribers happy.
The problem is (and I am one of the effected ones - still waiting) is people who did receive their coins on time will be thinking "great, because I got mine on time I don't get any extras".
Or, if they give them to everyone, then those who were delayed will think "Great, they get their coins on time and still get extra ones too!".
There is no compensation required - there was no material loss from not getting the coins, so there is nothing to really compensate.

They just gotta hurry this through and make sure it doesn't happen again.