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01.28.2013 , 10:43 AM | #16
Those are good points, especially for full corruption.

Sometimes, when you're getting low on health and force- it's best just to blow all your force and keep consuming and healing others til you die- especially if you pay attention to when your team's door is going to open- simply put, a few seconds in the starting zone is a lot less than consumption back to full force.

If we look at the figures we already brought up- at 11% health and 8% force per consumption- fully restoring your force would take 13 consumptions, while doing 135% damage to yourself. That's 27k damage to fully restore, and 13 consumptions is 19 seconds. To heal 27k damage, on average, takes us on average 18 seconds of casting DI, or 8 casts- which in turn costs 430 force.

What does that mean? That means in order to stay at the same health, it'll take 37 seconds of consumption and DI in order to gain 170 force...

Or 3 casts of DI.

So- when I say that consumption is a terrible mechanic for resource control, I hope this explains why I am saying that.

As full corruption, dying is a better resource management technique than using consumption.

edit- Good point on lucidity- I simply put it in the specs since many tend to favour it- I myself only have 1 point in it currently.

It's nice in theory- but pushback is indeed the least of your concerns most of the time- whether or not it's worth 1% healing/point or 5% aoe healing/point- I outlined arguments for each talent in the talents section, ultimately those abilities I feel are going to be up to each person's discretion.