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I like these twists in PvP myself. If a stealth class can sap (8 sec) and capture the node in AH(6 sec) it makes for a more interesting match. It is the same with huttball to me with a Jugg/Guardian interceding to a stealth class.

They both seem so wrong but it makes those games more interesting, no?
replace interesting with very very hard to counter(huttball), for the sap and cap its super easy to counter as long as the guard is not brain dead(and u know enemies has only 1 stealth if they have 2+ then not keeping 2 guards is a instant u deserve to lose move) always stay at a minimum of 11meters from pylon/node/door and if u are a vulnerable class(not a stealther or have god mode CD`s) that would 100% die in a duel with an operative/sin openning on u simply lure/kite him away from the pylon/node/door thus buying shtloads of time for reinforcements, sadly all noobs stay right on top of the pylon or under 10 meters and that s a free cap for any decent stealther