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01.28.2013 , 09:54 AM | #10
PvE needs real End Game Updates and not these psuedo ones where they just come out with a different mode of the same operation you have been raiding forever. I'm sorry but a new mode of a 4 or 5 boss operation just doesn't cut it. Nightmare EC was way too easy at least in 8m (can't find many 16m guilds even attempting it because 16m guilds are dying out from lack of incentives). The only boss they really put a decent effort into was kephess.
Give PvErs actual new content. New operations with new bosses and more than 5 please! I consider the last new content we receive as TFB and that op is too easy. I wish they would just do 2 modes....SM so folks can experience everything and NMM for the hardcore. Stop wasting resources and time on creating 3 modes.